My Trading

What do you trade?

I Trade the ES(Emini S&P Futures) and ZB (30 year bond futures)

How long have you been trading?

It feels like forever, I’ve been trading since the mid 1990’s.

Do you watch, CNBC, Bloomerberg or Fox Business to get trading tips.

No, those people are tools!

Do you follow Jim Rogers / Mark Faber / Peter Schiff and or etc?

I know of them, respect them but they are a long term view. I don’t like to be in the market more than 10 minutes. Anything after that and I’m looking for a reason to exit.

Do you think I should sign up to

I don’t know you well enough, education is important. I can’t really give you advice on this area.

Do you teach people to trade?

In the past I have. I don’t foresee me doing this again. It takes a lot of time, and I don’t really think it is for me at this stage.

I hear scalpers say size matters, what does that mean?

Well, it’s close to the grail when it comes to trading…. Tells the tell is my theory, you have to understand who you’re trading against…. You won’t get rich trading 1 contract for 3 tics… But if you trade 500 for 2 tics… You get my point!

I hear this system / indicator / method is the holy grail?

There is no holy grail, you want the holy grail of trading, don’t start, if you must start, understand that there is no indicator that will never lose. The trick to trading is controlling your emotions, use discipline and control your fear!

Trading is a zero sum game. This means for every winner, someone loses money. When I flip on my screens in the morning, my goal to take your money and put it in my trading account. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not personal, it’s just the game.

What indicators do you use?

I don’t, I trade price action.

Can you show me how you trade?


Would you sell your system to me?

No, it’s mine, it works for me, you need to find what works with your emotions…


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