So you’re wondering who is this guy?

I’m a 43 year old, commodity trader.  I choose to make my living by doing short term speculation in the markets.  It isn’t all it is cracked up to be,  that said, it can be a very rewarding occupation that pays the bills.

What is this site about?

This site is about some of my journeys in life and work and my hobbies.   One of my major life accomplishments started out in March of 2010 weighing in at a whopping 331 lbs!  That’s crazy! as of April, 2011 I weigh 165lbs. Currently in December after lifting weights and getting back to a normal weight I am hovering around the 195lb mark.  I am writing a lot about this subject because I believe I have some information and hacks to save time in your journey if you choose to live a healthier lifestyle.

Trading is something I have a quiet passion about,  as a former floor trader the adjustment to electronic trading has taken considerable amount of time in re-learning how to trade the electronic markets.  I’ll pass along interesting things in the markets that I think might be of interest to you the reader,  but I want to shy away from all out opinion, trade recommendations and education.  I think trading is a journey of learning oneself.  Once you understand who you are,  what you tolerance to risk is,  and how you manage risk and you money, then and only then, you’ll learn who you are.

Tech:  I am a tech geek!  I love gadgets and using computers,  I have used a number of operating systems and hardware architectures over the years.  Currently, I’ve settled on Mac OSX.  I might toss in a few tech related posts now and then.

Politics:  I am somewhere in the area of a libertarian / anarcho-capitalist.  Therefore, you will see rants of why I believe the state is stepping on our freedoms.  It’s my opinion, you have one too 🙂

I hope you enjoy your time here,  feel free to contact me or leave comments! You can disagree with my opinions,  I welcome comments,  keep it nice you don’t want to force me to be a brutalist.



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