Dear Facebook you really need to understand what free speech is!

Recently Facebook has been whacking accounts of libertarians,  and in a bit of irony a few of them support the NAP (Non Aggression Principal) which doesn’t advocate violence.

This morning I read they removed Adam Kokesh. They claim his meme was child pornography.  Well because it had a girl who had burns on 40% of her body wrapped in bandages and burn cream.  Follow the prior link and you can be the judge.  I think it was more about the fact it insulted someone on the left.

A few things here,  Facebook is a company, you agree to their terms and rules when you sign up and or open an account.  In brief: their site, their rules. I get that.  Numerous times I’ve seen things from either the left or right is is much more offensive.

I have come to a conclusion about Facebook.

I’ve surmised that Facebook is really a statist organization. As long as you like the state, you can wear either the GOP/DNC label and say about anything.  However,  if you get outside the state in thinking, you’re a radical that must be dealt with!

I decided that I don’t need Facebook.  My leaving will not effect their bottom line.  I feel a person should stand behind their beliefs.  I think speech should be free,  even on the edge of in-sighting actions that could lead to violence.  Anything less is control.







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