CZ-82 restoration

This last week I had some spare time to completely strip my 1985 CZ-82 Pistol. Recently I purchased a used Czech Service Pistol used by the Czech Military or Police from JGSales.  This particular pistol was in  good working condition with significant wear over the entire weapon.   I had bought this pistol knowing that I was going to completely disassemble it and re-coat it with Durabake or Cerecoat.

The before:

Note the wear on the front of the slide and the grips. 




As you can see the pistols black coating was very scratched up and was in terrible shape.

I completely removed every spring, pin, moving part and lever from the pistol.  I’m kicking myself as I didn’t take any photo’s of this process,  partially due to wearing latex gloves and not wanting to transfer 25 years of grease and gunk form the pistol to my iPhone.

After stripping the pistol,  I soaked all the parts (Munis the bakelite grips), frame and slide in acetone and thoroughly scrubbed them with a scotch bright pad and a brass bristle brush. once cleaned I sanded the frame and slide to remove the previous coating.

Coating the frame:




Coating the slide, Hammer, trigger and misc parts and pins:



The curing process 350 degrees in the over for 15 minutes.


I didn’t get photo’s of two toning the grips,  I had to sand out all the scratches and chips on them,  once two toned I baked them at 180 degrees for 3 hours for the coating to cure. Once the parts had cooled off. I reassembled the pistol with a new spring kit,  polished the ejector, chamber barrel and extractor, safety, slide rails and trigger bar.

Here it is after taking it out to the range today and putting 100 rounds through it. I had 1 jam on the first magazine. After that it was all hits on target!




A very rewarding project,  I had a lot of fun tearing it down, cleaning, coating, and rebuilding the weapon.  I have another one I’m going to coat, also two tone.  This time it will be matte black with an OD green frame.

To learn more about DuraBake,  check out Lauer Weaponry.


Ammoland has a breakdown on the CZ-82 if you’re interest. 

Watch Sheriff Hickok shooting the CZ-82 at this Tennessee Ranch.


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