Christmas 2012

Easy reading is damn hard writing.

                                                            –Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hello reader,

I hope you’re not reading this in a general effort to avoid spending time with friends and family.  Make sure you spend time with your friends and family.  Take a few minutes to call them, catch up and reminisce.

Unplug from the internet,  recharge your batteries.

  • As a trader, I start to reflect on my year of trading,  I also focus on the coming changes the next year will bring.
  • As a runner,  I start to focus on what I have accomplished in the past year, think about my general health,  injuries and focus on 2013.
  • Take the time to think about 3 things you can do to improve you as a person.  Be a better friend, better at fitness and or find a worthy charity.

With out reflection, you can’t change.  I’ll share some of my thoughts this coming week.

Merry Christmas everyone!

— runningtrader



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