How far will the enviro left go?

Hmm, and you thought there movies were just stories. I don’t think I’d like James O’Keefe if I met him. He has a tendency to bomb people or this case use a honeypot.

James O’Keefe shows they will get in bed with Middle East Oil to end fracking and US energy independence. 

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Cleaner Air Could Mean Higher Electric Bills

Fits in with my thoughts on fracking, closure of coal power plants and this administration.


NEW YORK  — Electricity prices are probably on their way up across much of the U.S. as coal-fired plants, the dominant source of cheap power, shut down in response to environmental regulations and economic forces.

New and tighter pollution rules and tough competition from cleaner sources such as natural gas, wind and solar will lead to the closings of dozens of coal-burning plants across 20 states over the next three years. And many of those that stay open will need expensive retrofits.

Because of these and other factors, the Energy Department predicts retail power prices will rise 4 percent on average this year, the biggest increase since 2008. By 2020, prices are expected to climb an additional 13 percent, a forecast that does not include the costs of coming environmental rules.

The Obama administration, state governments and industry are struggling to balance this push for a cleaner environment with the…

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The green energy propaganda. Smells rotten.

I received this email from the Post Carbon Institute.  Isn’t it handy information comes from our anti-fossil administration in an anti-fossil state would release such a statement.  The Govt. thinks you are dopes.  And you are if you believe this sort of crap!  I’m not Mr. Pro fracking, nor am I pro “this or that” I’m for efficient markets that won’t kill the middle class.  Yes, killing coal is a good thing however, quitting cold turkey… We shall see how this works out in a few years. 


BREAKING: Gov’t Slashes Calif. Oil Estimate

Federal Government Reduces Monterey Tight Oil Estimate by Over 95%

Oakland, California (May 21, 2014) — In an article released last night, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) has drastically reduced its estimate of recoverable oil in California’s Monterey shale formation from 13.7 billion barrels to just 0.6 billion barrels—a reduction of over 95%.
The downgrade has major implications for California’s energy and economic future, as well as the debate over hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and other forms of well stimulation-enabled oil development. The perception of an impending oil boom has dominated energy policy discussions in California since the release of a 2011 report by EIA which had estimated up to 15.4 billion barrels of recoverable tight oil—64% of the nation’s total—in the state’s Monterey shale formation. The estimate was widely cited by drilling proponents, and economic forecasts based on it projected millions of new jobs and billions in new tax revenue.
“The oil had always been a statistical fantasy,” said geoscientist J. David Hughes, author of Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale, an influential report critical of the EIA’s original Monterey estimates. “Left out of all the hoopla was the fact that the EIA’s estimate was little more than a back-of-the-envelope calculation.”
Hughes’s report, published by PSE Healthy Energy and Post Carbon Institute in December 2013, was the first public analysis of actual oil production data from the Monterey Shale and the formation’s geological characteristics. The report found that all data suggested that the EIA estimates were wildly over-optimistic. INTEK, Inc., the source of the EIA’s original estimate, has since admitted that its Monterey figures were derived from technical reports and presentations from oil companies rather than hard data.
“We’re pleased that the EIA has corrected what was a groundless and highly misleading over-estimation of the potential of the Monterey,” said Asher Miller, Executive Director of Post Carbon Institute. “We hope that everyone—from the EIA to policymakers and the media—will learn a cautionary lesson from what transpired here in California as we wrestle with questions about what the future of American energy policy can and should be.”
“Now that Californians have a far more accurate idea of what promise the Monterey Shale does and does not hold,” added Dr. Seth B. Shonkoff, Executive Director of Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Health Energy (PSE), “we must carefully weigh the benefits against the costs associated with fracking and other well stimulation-enabled oil and gas development.”



Just my thoughts on this!

Bryan Cranston Just Broke Bad

Bryan Cranston recently appeared on Katie Couric’s (how far we’ve fallen) Yahoo News show

Why do these Hollyweird fantasy islanders, fail to understand trying to sway us with their political views always fail?  I am all for freedom of speech but, when you go on a fantastic voyage about how fantastic ObamaCare is and how you think the president can use executive orders to raise the minimum wage I question your loyalty to this country, how our constitution works, and frankly you just might a little high on your own Walter White product! 

I have a couple of thoughts:

  • When you have a net worth that is the envy of a small third world nation, you really can’t understand that you’re taking money out of my pocket. Actually what is $2500 more in deductibles and double premiums?  Really that’s a few thousand a year. That’s a lot of money to the average man or woman


  • Someone left of Pol Pot is going to quote Cranston’s comment “I don’t think that basic health care should be a privilege of the rich. It should be a right to all.” They will then point out If Walter White had access to quality healthcare, he in turn would not need to cook meth.  This is fiction!  Cooking meth and access to healthcare are two worlds apart.  Perhaps need to understand this.  Wrong is Wrong!  Much like saying that terrorist wouldn’t be terrorist if we just hugged them!


  • I am personally going to boycott these out of touch Hollyweird idealists.  I don’t think your opinions are in line with the average American.  They don’t understand They Are the 1%?  That’s right, Anonymous, Occupy and other groups have you in the 1%.  You’re elites, you’re acting like them when you’re a shill for a very radical and unpopular president. 


  • I believe in uncensored free speech, in fact I ranted about it yesterday.  I would take a “bullet for your right to say just about anything.”  The trend that bothers me is the lefts intolerance when it comes to speech.  Their tolerance ends where their feelings or opinions begin. My rant about Facebook I pointed out “their site, their rules.”  Well this is my “My Wallet, My Rules!”


I won’t be buying a ticket to see Godzilla, or anything this guy and others on this growing list offer for my viewing pleasure.  

It is time we hold these people accountable for their words, like they hold us accountable for ours.  Remember if we take a view that opposed the “Moral Leftist Statists” we are chastised, branded a racist, intolerant or sadly stupid. The time is now, we need to start to use similar tactics, and this time we are going to boycott putting money in your wallet.